Radio Edith

Tristan is from the South-East of France, where the Mistral blows from the North and the sea winds blow from the south through a valley surrounded by the sheer and towering rocks of the Vercors on one side, and the green mountains of the Massif Central rising up on the other.

His family is from Alsace, which sometimes belonged to Germany and sometimes to France, and has it’s own language.

He left for seven years, first of all stopping in Reims and then packed up his bags in two trunks to leave for Canada. He returned to his home region in 2007.

Tristan originally trained as a sound engineer and worked for Radio France Bleu, then in Canada where he worked for music festivals.

Passionate about bringing music and artistic events to the community when he moved back to his region he programmed for three rural venues and a yearly festival with the association Coeff. 7.

He was responsible for programming, marketing, artist relations and graphic design and continues to design for other venues.

He has his own musical adventure with the electric-sensible duo Radio Edith, where he plays clarinet, bass, percussion and machines.

Photo : Radio Edith

Credit Photo : Ben Dieterlen