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Our sound and video team come to your town to meet key members of your community. These can be people who have moved to your area, people who have lived there all their life or people with a voice needing to be heard. Our team use gentle and non-intimidating interview techniques to find the footage to be used in the show.

Then our team are free during the rest of the residency to deliver as many workshops as you would like, to reach as many people as possible…Our workshops are a la carte, as our artists come from all backgrounds (circus, video, music, dance), and they always touch on the themes of Diaspora, home, journeys, belonging….so if you’re looking for something specific the chances are we can do it, but here are the last ones we’ve done to give you an idea…


1 hour – 1/2 day 20 participants max
Led by three artists, performer Hayli, musician Olive, and sound technician Tristan, this workshop explores three of the mediums used in the show, the participants are led through a physical warm-up, then using their bodies, explore how the physical work in Diaspora is created.

They are then taught the techniques of sound used in the show, atmospheres created by voice, loop pedals, and instruments used with everyday objects to create their own soundtrack to their choreography. Finally time spent on musicality, interpreting rhythm, emotion and raising awareness of different world musics, ends with mixing all of these three elements to create an interdisciplinary piece.


1 hour – 1/2 day
Acrobat Henri and actor Julien work together to deepen the themes of the show in this physical workshop. Participants will explore the themes of migration, movement and home by using props and decor seen in the show to create their own movement and physical theatre choreographies.


1/2 day – 1 day 10 participants max
Our brilliant video designer Jerome, accompanied by another one of our artists will take the participants on a walk around their town in order to trace a photographic cultural path representing the different people in your town.

Photos are then selected, edited and either used directly in the show or in exhibition before/after the show.

A digital camera or telephone needed.

Printing resources needed if exhibition required.


1/2 day – 1 day 10 participants max
Jerome teaches simples video techniques to your participants and helps them express themselves by writing their own scenarios which are then put into place, filmed and edited together. These scenarios range from animation (sometimes using resources from the photo workshop), to documentary-style filming.


1 hour – 1/2 day 30 participants max
Our costume designer will work with your participants to design and create a square of fabric based on the themes of migration, exile and home. These squares are stitched together to become a community blanket which illustrates the diverse nature of your community.