This last year we’ve had some amazing projects and some beautiful partners and we have more to come including
begin supported by Horse & Bamboo for our masked children’s show Silver Moon, by French venue Salle Le Bournot, Aubenas for our show JoJo & Billie’s Tour de France and our latest aerial dance piece is being supported by the wonderful, unique and special Jacksons Lane (London) this summer.
We’ve also got a great SCOTTISH tour this summer with the superb The Touring Network and an autumn and winter UK tour planned with many new venues.
SO we have a lot of new reasons to celebrate.
Three new creations.
Our first employee.
The fact that we have 2 hour lunchbreaks and 27 degrees of sunshine at the moment
But it’s not all boules at breaktime and glasses of wine at the market at 10am.
We’re actually in a rather sticky situation and we are diffusing the information out to all of our friends, our partners and our venues who have seen us through these ten years.
We’ve been in residence with the town of Livron since 2009. We have a great rehearsal space, office, etc.
Last year the town turned to right-wing local council and this year we’re being kicked out.
We’re asking people to share the information, give what they can to support us, and in general make us feel that the last ten years was worthwhile.
Thankyou for your support, for programming us, and for supporting our work.