Diaspora was created to help fight against prejudice and discrimination against refugees and asylum seekers.

It is a project which celebrates diversity, exploring the concepts of home, family, and community as well as helping to discover cultural heritage.

The show provides a voice for minorities in your community, as well as people who have never left the place where they were born, and brings these different groups together in a shared, positive cultural experience.

The Diaspora project is two things : first a residency in your town, running artistic workshops for all age groups based on the themes of the show, as well as interviewing key members of your communities.

The 2nd part is a unique show which weaves the stories from the people that we have met during our residency into our multidisciplinary and highly visual street show.

The show is accessible to everyone, helping these different communities to be included, valued and respected, and helping to highlight that everybody has the same worries and concerns about community.

The show has a high level of participation and audience inclusion, exchanges and sharings between audience and actor and between audience member and audience member which begins very subtly and finish with a dance for everybody.

This project had a first creation in 2010, supported by funding body Défis Jeunes (France) and the town of Livron, (France) , as well as research at both The Hawth and Tricycle Theatre which led to a pilot at The Hawth, Crawley in September 2010.

In 2011, it was seed-funded as part of Hawth’s Going Global project, with a full residency in the town .

In 2013 it was commissioned by the Armenian Culture and Heritage Centre in Valence.

This project is always available, so if you would like to commission a residency and show, please do not hesitate to contact us.