Henri’s footsteps led him to us  in 2013.

His footprints before tell us that he is an acrobat and juggler from a martial arts background, Henri trained at the National Circus Arts Schools Annie Fratellini and Châtellerault. He performs for many contemporary circus companies, as well as theatre, dance and puppetry work creations.

He has worked for Clowns sans Frontières, Turak Théâtre, The National Orchestra of Lyon, Macha Makeïeff at the Lyon Opera, The Comic Opera, and with the Austrian choreographer Willi Dorner. Working with Carolyn Carlson, Philippe Découflé and Nouveaux Nez have developed his working style and his passion for interdisciplinary work, play on balance and imbalance, and the links between body and object.


Photo : Henri’s solo show : Tant qu’il y aura des briques

Crédit Photo : Laurent Quinkal